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Gudgeon Frame House

This Property is Gudgeon farm house. First built in the 16th century and extend both in 1857 and 1875. It was then turned into a public house called the Prince Of Wales and further into a restaurant called The Gudgeon. It is now privately owned and a residential property.

The property now owned by the Dolmans who have been restoring this property inside for over the last 4 years, A room a year.!

The Dolman are great enthusiast family, like a all girl singing and dancing version of the Walton family.

"Oh well there goes a good chance of a good ref fence.

One the great pleasure with a working around family like dolmans is the kind of working environment you find yourself in, like when find yourself listening music coming from a open window whilst your busy working in your own world , the sound of a piano accompanied by lady's of the house singing.

That good on my part as the building being done in to stages. The first stage started in October to November work carried out on was on the right hand side of property.

This image shows the original brickwork damaged by sand tex paint and patches of repairs of which has been partly striped back by the client, in trying to achieve the original look of the red brick. Unfortunately the product sand tex when being removed was taking the faces off of the soft handmade bricks, this damage is irreversible.

Second stage the left han side of front elevation to start to in July 2009



This shows the lower brick plinth of which had a lot of blow faces and chips edges and the fact was covered in black jack paint which is another bonus in the face of disaster. Would make impossible to restore. I have seen many other attempts of restoring this kind of work, where the brick are sanded down, the obvious facts is this take the natural textured face of the brick when made by folders in the clay and when are hand thrown. So when it comes to re pointing because of arise of the brick have crumbled or been damaged the new pointing look really messy hard to get crisp finish.



The image above shows a brick that has been cut out from this plinth, so the other side can be revealed showing what the inside brick face can reveal.

Image above shows corners have been cement over where brickwork is missing.

When start with this kind of work you don't know what kind of success rate will achieved when retrieving the old bricks, as every project is different.. but in end all turn good in the. It just takes a lot more thought when cutting bricks and sorting them out, when dismalting the exsting brickwork none are thrown away, until sort through thoroughly.


Yeap! you guessed it? all cut out by hand.


Like pride myself on the fact of unnecessary wastage of original bricks using as much the original material.


Image to the left shows a new brick panel rebuilt in original bricks, that have been taken out and cleaned and set aside for reuse. A lot of clients ask where do you start? Well from the bottom and work my up through the building in staged panels .Keeping with the remaining inside skin of brickwork and to gauage.





This is were the real skill of the eye comes in for me! i This is when you have a section like this when half the bricks are missing due doorway .patch up "bodge up has taken place.



This image to the left is showing a section of which is corbled, with the top part finished in dental course, this brickwork is supporting the top wooden frame work which is hung with peg tiles. Below the corble there used to be a doorway, that had been bricked in with any old stock brick. So when coming to replace this panel there would be a short fall of original bricks to make this panel blend to match the rest of the building. But this was overcome!


Image to the left shows the dental course taken out revealing the floor joist. This was replaced in sections.

"No not sleep on the job on the phone!

This image is showing the old bricks mixed with the new handmade bricks clayed in flemish bond. Showing approximate 50 bricks that have been turned around, five bricks are new ones, making this panel only 10% replacement.


These projects are taken on through shear passion for my work in restoring brickwork and bringing them back as much as possible to their original glory.

I have allot of pride and passion when working on period properties of this status. Of which the drive is drawn from the passion and concern that clients have for their homes and what I think they truly would like to be achieved.

All work is carried out to the original spec of when the property was built.



Well looks like I've been spending all the time down the local tanning shop or had one to many cans of tango whilst on the cutting on brick saw.






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