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Juglans House

Juglans house was brick built with a rendered porch.Was once Pembury Hospital as well as a Public House called The Walnut Tree which mean Juglans in Gaelic.
Juglans House seen here shows a fine example of both a beautiful and elegant brick house which has been disguised by being rendered due to it becoming a public house. fortunately it has once again become a private residence who have wanted to return it to its original splendor.
The first stage of the process is to start to remove the rendering but as it shows the brick faces are destroyed.

These two pictures show the state of the once beautiful brickwork, after the faces have been smashed to achieve a key for the render.

Once the render was carefully take off from a distance you can for the first time in visage its beauty as it was originally but close up it looks as the picture above..The first thing I noticed was that the bricks were larger than standard imperial bricks and they were laid on lovely 7mm mortar beds giving that lovely look of large brick with a crisp, neat joint and the gauge was absolutely accurate to the last millimeter.

As can been seen from this picture below the reveals around the door are badly smashed from were porch was attached.All holes in the brickwork filled in with cement.

The beauty of the fact that the property was built in lime mortar it enables the bricks to be cut out and taken down and set aside as many as possible to be re-used.This process takes longer and needs alot of patience although the results are worth the efforts.
This is another picture to show working progress.
New Lambs bricks are added to build the reveals around the doors & windows which makes up for the loss of bricks due to damage.

The bonding around the windows & door have been carefully thought out to make every thing symmetrical follow the bond above the door & windows.

To carry out this type of work you must have a good eye for attention to detail.
This picture shows those beautiful 3mm gauge new arches.
This picture shows those beautiful 3mm gauge new arches.
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This Shows a dark are of brickwork which is the brickwork once it been cleaned.
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This is the property once re-built and pointed taking it back to its original state having a final clean before completion. It now looks a grand Georgian House. Looking lovely a family house not a Public House.
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