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This doorway entrance to Mill Cottage, was built in an oak frame work that was approx 100mm wide. As this is an outside entrance it had to comply with BS building regulations. which mean't the in set panels had to have insulation.

The method used for this tudor style brickwork was to cut them down into 20mm brick slips, glued on to wooden panels, pointed with lime, then the brick slips panels were lifted into the oak frame and screw in, then screw pointed over.

This project was to change the interior of a hairdressers in Rochrester in Kent.

The concept is to take a plain interior wall turn back into bare interior of brickwork, with new wood floors would just look grate.

Nicholas required a 1000 yellow london stocks cut them down into 25mm brick slips. managing to turn them into over 2000 brick slips.

The brick slips are glued to the exsisting wall as there being laid on bed of lime mortar.


Work completed waiting to be finished off with old hairdressing sign Old wooden furniture that is on order.






Mirrors were in set into the brickwork.



This picture is showing the other elevation, between both walls was a existing collum holding up a steel, we managed to build round with slips not really altering the size, so the pier was not to over powering for the shop.




This fake building shown was a display at Chelsea Flower Show for a client who makes handmade soap(Merrywood). The concept behind the stool was to display the working environment of where she makes her products. The display was built out of lime mortar and handmade bricks.


This display obviously had the desired effect and impressed the judges, as it earnt the Merrywood soap Company a gold award for presentation of her product at Chelsea Flower Show

This was one of only six awards given out, out of two hundred displays.



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