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Bushy leaves 2008

Gudgeon Farm House 2008

Zion Chapel 2007

Swingle swangle 2006

Lime House 2005

Juglans House 2004

Chilham Castle 2003

Stone and Schist

Chilham Steps

Re pointing

Lime Mortars




New Buildings

Brick Barns

Brickwork Details

New Zealand brickworks

Period properties


Brickwork Details

All images are here to give food for thought, also showing different styles of craftmanship.

This detail is of Ockham bond brickwork with this lovely detail of tile creasing and shamford queen closures.

This property was once Ockham post office. The Ockham brick factory was once behind this property and closed in the 1950's

A very detailed arch that consists of bricks mixed with squared napped flint, very impressive.


This image shows beautiful glazed header found alot around kent. The glazed blue colour is made from oxgen being staved during firing process. then used to enhance the property. One of my favorite characters in hand made bricks, truly beautiful.






Mixed multi stock built between oak frame all the brick used have been taken from inner skin of 9" existing brickwork, leaving 4"outer skin, this allows the brick to be the perfect match.


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