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Repointing re. cement damage

A small section of parapet wall on Chilham Castle that has been badly repointed using cement mortar has been faced over the brick as well.This cement mortar is of a very strong content. As contractor was given contract to undo this damage. correctly repoint using lime mortar, an NHL2 lime was used of which is a feeble lime to go with the soft tudor bricks.

This was extremely hard task, for the mortar was attached to the brick would take piece 0f face of brick. some piece of cement would come off easy with no damage other would show no mercy.

The same parapet as above of which has been pointed in lime mortar bring this panel back to its correct state making this wall work efficiently.


A lower panel before on the tower of Chilham Castle before it was cleaned and defected bricks were replaced.
This picture is the terrace wall cleaned and repointed in lime mortar a 3.5 lime was use as the brick was of harder content.
Terrace walls at Chilham castle were of need of a clear to remove any shrubbery and repointing in lime mortar.
This is a panel of brickwork where the faces have blown off due to incorrect pointing. After this panel was worked on it became up beautiful.
These are two pictures of the same wall before and after.
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