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A conical treatment of brick steps at the angle of a terrace. Designed by Sir John Baker.The whole design is admirable, leading the eye, from whatever angle seen at, to some feature of irregular building beyond. the use of brick could not be better illustrated. The slight unevenness and innumerable flat surfaces of the bricks give a rich gradation of colour and tone.

This shows the first section to be rebuilt of the conical steps. At the moment there is not a picture to show them completed due to them being covered up for the winter.

The bricks on these steps have failed due to frost damage, caused by them being rebuilt in the turn of the century using cement mortar instead of lime.

Once again the steps at Chilham have been damage by frost, as the soft brick have decade due to the fact that they re-built in the turn of the century with cement mortar.

These steps have been rebuilt in Lambs Bricks using NHL5 lime mortar, giving the effect as described above.

All the rebuilding of these steps could have been avoided if when they rebuilt at the turn of the century, the correct traditional method of using lime mortar. But at that time cement was a remarkable new material that was over taking the use of lime.










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