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Juglans House 2005

Chilham Castle2004

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New Buildings

We construct totally new buildings from the footings up.
Providing excellence all the way to the top.

The attention to detail is very important and one of my main objectives is for the finish product, being the brickwork to look its most attractive, therefore certain bricks have to be accentuated with the correct pointing to achieve this.
These photographs are examples of new houses that been built for clients using modern day materials bricks and cement mortars . Modern techniques are also carried the high test standards and skill workmanship.

This is a newly built extension built using hand made bricks, lime mortar and traditional techniques to give it an old authentic feel and look. so modern can now also mean to appear old.

This method can be used for building a new house or adding an extension to compliment an already old property.



Opposite is a fine example of another building that Nicholas West Brickwork Specialist constructed from the beginning to the end responsible for all aspects of the brickwork.

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