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Schist is a natural stone that can be found and used all over the world. Layed in many different styles and cut to many different sizes. The examples of schist on this page have been used in France, Ireland, Devon (in the UK) and as far as New Zealand. New zealand schist is a material thats becoming more popular and is mainly brought up from the South lsland. It is very popular in New Zealand, being that it is a natural material that blends in to its environment, unlike a lot of materials it doesn't seems to date.

These images show work carried out at Pilans Road, Tauranga, NZ. Work in these image was contracted to Ornate stone, which Nicholas and a small team of stone masons from the Uk carried out. This property had 160msq of schist layed.




The attention to detail is very important when laying schist to make it look as natural as possible, one of my main objectives is to produce a product that blends with other materials.


This image is a chimney built at Linley Park Omokoroa NZ. This picture shows a side section , showing the blend of two different types of schist, layed with 7mm joints.



In this example of schist it has been layed dry, built by Ornate Stone whilst working in the Bay of Plenty in New zealand,


The stone arch was based on a piece of work built for the chelsea flower show in the UK



Schist has been lyedid using the larger area to give the look of a cobbled path.


This image shows a cross section of one of the piers.


Schist layed in a colored cement mortar, with a 7mm joint, the mortar is raked back to enhance the varieties of the schist.



This shows a corner section of schist built from stone taken from Queens Town NZ.


This image shows a sample of work where once again two different kinds of stone have been worked with together at a mix of 30 to 70.



This image shows the same schist as above but with the sun light across it.






The image above shows work done by Vaughan Palmer on a new house in Waihi beach front in NZ. They are large piers to enhance the entrance of the property, built from schist brought up from Otago in the South Island.


Each pier is approx. 18sqm of schist, which is approximately 4 ton of schist. You can contact vaughan on 0275440902



This Image shows a new fire place that was built at the property above, the fireplace is built from stone from Otago, and ia awaiting the fire to be fitted along with the plasma screen TV.


This Image shows Nicholas on left & Vaughan on the right after the work was completed by ourselves at Waihi, NZ.


Image showing fireplace fitted with new fireplace and new plasma screen T






These are a mixture of stone work in the UK and New Zealand