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How this letter of thanks came about was I ask by the local primary school teacher whilst on a father day visit at the school. Mrs Shorthouse my daughters teacher asked me if I was a potter "I replied no, what actually happened was my daughters were telling there teacher about a evening where we were mixing clay putting in to moulds, this clay had been brought back when I visited NZ, the clay was to see what kind of bricks could be made from this clay source. Mrs Shorthouse explained it was science week so I agreed to do a lecture on brick making,wattle daub and the different source of material found in different parts of the UK used for building and landscapes how the land is shape has been formed.

Before the lecture started I explained to the children that if we make this fun because fun is the part that make you remember. The children bricks were left to dry and was later collected by myself and taken to Lambs brickworks who kindly fire for us! I returned them to the children and explained for them to cherish your brick and maybe one day you may place it in your own house that you build "no think wrong with dreams."

It was a great experience and was very much enjoyed by myself even I was nerve with the thought of being "bullied by little children."



Photo above of George Romeness and Nicholas west

The model was to 1/2 size scale of original tomb and was all made in fibre plaster of hollow construction by myself.


This image show news paper cutting of a exhibition on Sir John soane's that exhibited at the Royal Academy Of Arts, where I made a model of the family tomb that was featured in Independent in London in 1999.

The original family tomb that sits in St Pancreas Church yard in London of which has been badly vandalized.

In 1998 I took tim out and study HND in Model making

The images opposite show a model made for Exspo 1998 in Lisbon when working for Jerry Judea a renowned model maker, who I work for whilst studying for my Higher National Diploma.



The image opposite shows a News paper cutting in 1985 when I went on a protest march against the abolishing of apprenticeship for the favor of YTS.Put in place by the government of the time, of which we felt very strongly about and of which later failed, turning into source of cheap labour and then gained the name of Young Thick & Stupid.

In 1987 there was recession starting and apprenticeship weren't available or rare as hen teeth at the time and the only qualification was available was City & Guilds of which I studied for three years had excellent tutors at the time. And have always kept in my mine to help other young people with energy to work and succeeded in a trade.



A character reference that give to me by Neil Smart that worked along side me and was a great pleasure to work with for five years and the real pleasure and chances to pass on some skills I've learn 't along the way.

I like wish him all the success for his future.

He given to me this just before I and my family moved to NZ, and as you can see from the web site I still return to work on my passion for property.

I wanted to share this with you, so you can see my journey as bricklayer and how it makes me proud to been a Bricklayer!


You will find Nigel all over the web site and has often been mistaken for me No "I'm the scruffy one with hair!

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