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The majority of chimneys that have begun to lean are those built with lime mortar. They are "drawn over by the sun" meaning that one side normally facing the sun dries out, where as the other side is still in the shade and retains its moisture and due to frost this side slowly crumbles over time..This ultimately causes the chimney to lean over to one side causing it to become unsafe and therefore should be carefully taken down and re-erected using as much of the original bricks as possible.In the majority of cases chimneys just need a little TLC to keep them standing for the test of time i.e. such as any repointing and the removal of any shrubbery and defected bricks to be replaced.



This is 0ne of two chimneys that were re-built on Drill Hall in Rochester Kent.They were re-built in lime mortar and using hand made Sussex bricks.


These pictures show examples of two chimneys that had defected bricks, due to weather damage. and the fact that these chimneys were re-built in 1996 using cement mortar, the result of the bricks failing. Therefore the damaged bricks had to be cut out and replaced with new ones and re pointed.

Built in yellow london stocks, red hand made bricks built with lime mortar.

This chimney had been taken down in the 1970s capped off.The present owner had the chimney and fires reinstated. Giving back this lovely house its true original features.What a pleasure to re-build this chimney with view of Rochester historical Castle.
The octagonal chimneys at Chilham castle showing weather damage bricks, of which were careful cut out replaced, this chimney was full re pointed in lime mortor.This chimney was quite problematic for this had been taken down before also rebuilt in cement. Leeds Castle

This is a picture of a chimney that on Maiden Tower at Leeds castle in Kent.This Was fully re pointed also had defected bricks taken out and turned around put back some brick were replaced.

This is Nicholas west shaping bricks for the replacement of defected bricks on the tops of the octagonal chimneys.

This is the roof line of Chilham Castle showing the beautiful octagonal chimneys. There were 21 working chimneys.
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