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Over the last few decades Englands Historical buildings containing some of the greatest architecture and craftsmanship of all times have slowly been demolished and destroyed for good. These buildings will never be re-created due to the varity of the master skills and the materials, cost and time that would be required to achieve the same standards.It is fortunate now though that with the use of media this issue has been drawn to all of our attentions and made us realise how important it is to consreve and restore these beautiful buildings, which make up a large part of Englands heritage.

I am a skilled bricklayer who recognises the splendour of our historical buildings and understands and carries out the repair of them using traditional methods and materials needed to repair them correctly of which does not involve the use of cement which only accelerates their decay.

All work is done sympathetically from the removal of the lime mortar and or defaced/decayed bricks to then replacing it with the correct match of bricks and mortar mix which goes for analysis to The Lime Centre.

My concept of carrying out repairs is to minimise the waste of the original materials, this is vital as anything that can be re-used is set aside for that purpose, therefore making the property look as untouched as possible.

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