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Nicholas has the skill to repair gauge arches on site, remake newarches to match exsisting or just restate handmade supplied arches.

This is a picture of an arch that has had the three middle units damaged, so the three defected units are carefully been cut out and three new gauged units made and rubbed on site. relaid in lime putty.



This picture shows the arch with its new three hand rubbed gauge units replaced.

Two new gauge arches supplied by Lambs was restate in lime putty this was a real challange due the gable on this property was leaning over and had a bow in it, show the arch had to be rubbed and shaped to blend into the orignal brickwork.

This is a 17 unit red rubbers 3mm gauged arch, supplied by Lambs Bricks & Arches.

These archies were fully rebuilt using lime mortar and new bricks. At this time my theory hadn't been put into practice, this being, taking the brickwork down, setting them aside, then rebuilding it using most of the old bricks by turning the bricks around.

Rebuilt defected parapet, using lime mortar and using
red hand made bricks.


This arch was replaced using hand made red bricks lime mortar.






These three images show a new arch being re-made fixed into place with lime putty. This property had three new arches and all the old cement pointing taken out and replaced in lime mortar of which is in working progress. This arch was made by Nicholas on site and was copied from three orignal old arches cut from oversized London yellow stock.


Images below. Have been just dislayed show the different types of arches there on properties.
This image show the old gauge arch that had been take out due subsidents and restated very poorly of a very low standard using cement mortar incorrectly and has one gauge unit missing , for this was orignally a gaude arch consisting of 9 gauge units which should consists of2mm to 3mm joints in lime putty. I discovered this work took place in 2005 unfortnally this kind of stardard was carried on all falling gauge arches on the property.
The image below show orignal hand made arch that had been hack to make key for cement render that was put over the orignal face brickwork at alater date. I believe this arch was made on site probaly by training apprentice when orignal constructed. So when taking a close look at the these arches you can see errors in the gauge units and lime joints being irregular and different sizes, so there if was rmade using percission cut arches that would not exsting arches on the front and back elevtion. So best way to get perfect match was to take arch down and copy using templates taken off the orignal damaged arch. This arch below was copied from templates, also this arch was not laid in lime putty but a more buff colour lime mortar using more aggriegate in the lime mortar to match exsting.
The image show opposite shows one of the 12 new arches that were hand made and rubbed arches on site by Nicholas on a barn converion where new opening were installed using hand red rubbers and arch arches laid in 3mm lime putty.
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