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This is the front elevation of Marine Parade which faces south, but in the Georgain period it would have been the back of the property. As you can see from the image it is at the point were most peopole would consider demolishment. Fortunately, though, for this property the owner has great a passion for it and understands its importance of its history to the island.

This is the rear elevation of Marine Parade. which would have been the front elevation in the Georgian period. This faces north and suffers the full brunt of the sea and therefore suffered the most deteriation.

This property is a georgian property on Isle Sheppy in Kent is right on the sea front and has suffered from subsidence over the past 20 years and the harsh weather condition provalling north winds. In 1970 to 75 the sea defences were improved and sea wall make up her boundry wall. Aslo have been told by the owner that on strong stormy day the sea can slap the third story windows.

The face of the bricks have crumbled away due to the harsh elements.

In this case where the bricks have failed, the mortar has out performed the brick. This is due to the content of the mortar, which was sent off to the Lime Centre for analysis. They found a high content of possolans of which is a mix of charcoal, crushed brick dust and a small amount of glass.

All the light coloured bricks on this image show were they lost there faces also a lot have cement faced

Image of work in progress, where the brickwork has been dismantled and turned around and is now being re-pointed with a flush pointing to give it maximum weather protection.

Brickwork completed, all brick have been carefully cut out set aside and reused using a lime mortar of which was match to the orginal mortar which contained Brick dust, charcoal, and some glass.

when the client has finished the property off and scaffold has been removed. the building can be re photograph showing it true beauity.

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