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We construct totally new arche on request.

This is a picture of an arch that has failed due to subsidence in the building, also it has been incorrectly repaired with cement mortar making this arch un repairable.
This picture shows an arch that has dropped due to movement. All the brick units have also lost there faces.The approach that will be taken with this arch is for it to be carefully numbered and labeled so that it may be dismantled and set a side for repair.Many units will have to be replaced whilst others may just need TLC.

This is the arch laid out on a template showing some defected units being worked on. Please keep logging on to watch the progress and replacement of this arch.

This is a 17 unit red rubbers 3mm gauged arch, supplied by Lambs Bricks & Arches.

These Archie were fully rebuilt using lime mortar and new bricks. At this time my theory hadn't been put into practice, this being, taking the brickwork down, setting them aside, then rebuilding it using most of the old bricks by turning the bricks around.

This arch was replaced using hand made red bricks lime mortar.
Rebuilt defected parapet,
using lime mortar and using
red hand made bricks.
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