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Nicholas West brickwork specialist contractors offers and provides many aspects of brickwork, in the past he has spent a lot of time restoring different types of properties and working on repairs done by others previously badly restored work. His work covers a varied range of aspects of brickwork; from the conservation & restoration of existing brickwork to the construction of new buildings.


Nicholas west has always been very creative with very good vision, enabling him to excel in his passion for the creative aspect of brickwork new and old. For the majority, brickwork appears to be just one brick on top of another but for anyone who has taken the time to really look at old buildings they will have noticed there unique details, from large to small even the general terrace house can have some small decorative brickwork on them just some small antiquate detail around the windows it is endless and is what actually draws you to look and appreciate the building. Brickwork through the ages has been developed and pushed in many different directions,from present and past. Being blessed to be brought up in an old english village himself and therefore surrounded by some great real ics from the past, there has always been plenty to stimulate his mind. This occupation that he has chosen has been stimulated and driven by his appreciation of our historical buildings from the normal terrace house to the castle set in the hills which england is uniquely famous for. This has therefore pushed him to gain and developer the old skills and knowledge of the master bricklayer, recognized as a real tradesman in their time as there technical, tools and materials were different to those used today. Learning to keep these old skills living is fundamental for Nicholas as he considers them as true craftsman and artists within their own right and these old properties need to be cherished and restored as they would have been . All brickwork is about visual appearance and how the eye sees it as you are unselfconsciously drawn to the aris of the brick, the out line of stone, size within this visual scale, joints plays a major factor, as well as colour of material and mortar and pointing, finishes, texture, arrangement of material ie; bond are all as important as the other. The building of a house is not just about laying one brick onto another it is a combination of all these factors just mentioned above to make it look truly beautiful.




A current trend of the times seems to be bare brickwork within a room rather than plastering. In most properties the idea is thought impossible to wanting to take an internal wall down and rebuild it expensive and impractical.

A technique that has been by just removing the plaster and redoing the brickwork without taking a wall down this can then be re pointed in any style and using any variation of colour, texture brick


To fulfil the full potential of his skills is also with the building of new homes that look as though they have been standing there for many years, period extensions, fireplaces etcetera. matching to an old existing property or to just create an area/room that has a period feel about it as the center picture below, using these old technics and intricate details mentioned above.







It has acurred to me that when people are looking for contractors to carry out restoration, is weather are choosing a contractor whom specialize in this field or work is of a high standard and not somebody just chancing there luck, I have always said there is the TTMC which stands for . . . . . . . . THE THREE MAYOR CHECKS to assure yourself of a high standard of repair has been carried out . As in the past I have seen and had to correct some very poor workship and shocking standards of carried out workmanship . that can be irreversible as well s be very exspensive to recorrect.

T is for Testimonials & References

T is for Test panel

M is for Make sure you vist & view other work

C is Check with old clients

Most of all listen to what they are telling you get them to explain the work to be carried out and show an interest.

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